A charming looking migrant worker at a Sungai Buloh nursery. He is throwing away an old bunting, the texture of which reminds me of a Balenciaga skirt from a past koleksi which is on sale in a bungalow somewhere in Bangsar for RM5,000+ (a highly discounted second hand price). The cost of the hand-me-down garment is perhaps equivalent to the amount of money generated in a year, for this gardener.


This is Eni, a waitress of Santai in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Eni’s forehead had a red mark, unusual for her, so I asked her if she was a hindu of sorts. She said she was sick of the “Deepavali” remarks — the real explanation was that she had such a painful migraine the night before, she had to pinch it for relief (so that she could sleep). How her pinches so neatly formed an almost perfect ruler-drawn vertical line was beyond me. In any case, Eni is a delight to see when I pay for my paprik chicken dinners and such. Sometimes, she even wears rainbow coloured tudungs. A charming Indonesian woman.


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  1. oh i know how to pinch the forehead one, last time when i work in genting, my staff also did that, it is said to get rid the ‘wind’
    and the migrant worker not bad looking hor 😛

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