Dream fragments

Dream fragments nobody would bother reading because these things didn’t happen in real life.

1. Shitty ‘duck noodles’ for RM6.50 in the old school canteen, sold to me by an Indonesian lady who was new there. I was very angry at the standards. I saw a man warming up tea by pouring liquid into a large fold of his skin on his arm, and remember turning away because it was so geli.

2. Making a really fast flying dash into a house that resembled Rimbun Dahan from the canteen, so people could think I was a pontianak. Such lust atmosphere, moist air and blue. Building momentum, leaping, piercing the night air.

3. Watching a Spike Jonze-ish movie with a youth protagonist as a football player who falls in love with his bully victim (haha how predictable). In the end, the person he was kissing because a bear. ‘Field athlete’ and woodland affection. I was in the cinema with the father, and I clapped, and said it was very good, even though a lot of the conversation was too abstract for my liking (like reading an Irvine Welsh book maybe?).


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