IKEA hack


The above shows off my little stint in product design (or rather, product redesign), consisting of three disassembled parts from three different IKEA lamps.

I do not recall the Swedish product names for the lamps, nor would I bother searching for them online, but two of the items I used are still very much bestsellers, ubiquitously appearing in middle class Malaysian households or limited budget television productions – sitcoms like Senario love to use such cheap items from the store. The middle portion is a lampshade of a product that is now not on sale. These lamps are probably between 3-5 years old! I have never really used the IKEA lamps as they appear, they are always hacked and broken into, a bit like how I would strip off labels from certain food packages, or how I would cover disappointing book covers with my own scribbles.

A surprisingly elegant outcome (both in terms of the standing lamp and the photograph that was captured on my handphone – notice the extremely inaccurate white balancing at the back, causing it to be cinematically lit up in blue). The curtains, in day light, would appear white.


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