Soothing items to end a tiring weekend: Yoghurt and Les Cahiers Purple

A tub of natural unsweetened yoghurt from France, eaten off a spoon constructed from “German wood” (so the label says — from Daiso Mutiara Damansara). Les Cahiers Purple, published once a year, is printed in Belgium.

Cahiers is the newest addition to the Purple family of magazine titles and has a format akin to the Purple Journal (which is obsolete) — with black and white pages of prose and pictures. Ms. Elein Fleiss, the editor, seems to get bored quite easily, opening and shutting Purple spin-offs after every few years. She is like a quieter, more contemplative lady version of Mr. Tyler Brûlé. Reasons why: they both enjoy traveling a lot to exotic cities; both publishes magazines with ‘global content’; both Purple and Monocle tend to be consistently attracted to Tokyo (like an ongoing lust). Perhaps Ms. Fleiss is wabi-sabi, while Mr. Brûlé is the bespoke, space-age precision to the likes of Naoto Fukasawa.

My favourite title was Purple Magazine (if only I knew about them in the early 2000s… I would have collected more than two issues of it… maybe Basheer didn’t carry them then). Until this day, it is still very satisfying to browse through the very old issues — they are like personal photo albums, given to me from a number of interesting strangers who live in beautiful lands.

BUT I have stopped buying Purple Fashion. Macam sama aje. Mr. Olivier Zahm and his work might be fun to look at but I’m not sure if I want to waste so much shelf space on crude digital camera shots of naked American MySpace girls styled wearing items most Malaysians cannot afford in their wildest dreams.


One response to “Soothing items to end a tiring weekend: Yoghurt and Les Cahiers Purple

  1. German birch but made in China, beb!

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