Aditya Zadewa drew this picture of me some years back, based on a photograph by Erica Lai. I met him one midnight in Twilight Action Girl. He showed me Hedi Slimane pictures of thin caucasian boys via his iPod Photo and I knew we could be friends. Sweet bird of youth.

I spent memorable days with Aditya in his hometown Jakarta — getting hysterical knowing that we will both see Björk together (never in our wildest dreams would we experience that, so we thought). He was a very good and patient host. I slept early, and woke up early there (waking up with the sun), eating authentic Indonesian cooking from his grandmother before he drove me around the difficult city grounds, sometimes bumping into hilarious things that only the both of us would find funny. Insider-insider jokes. In many ways we were similar.

We said goodbye the other day because he has ended his studies in Kuala Lumpur, and that’s when he gave me the drawing. I gave him a photograph I took of him (posed in his bedroom). We wanted to take glittery Taiwanese photobooth pictures but they were very expensive! So here is a DIY one (it’s free and it blinks!):


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