There was a bak kut teh-themed dinner party last night in celebration of Ong Swee Ling’s recent new-found freedom. About twelve friends sat on the long make-shift tables, with the atmospheric accompaniment of hokkien music from Pang’s MP3 player “Sounds trashy doesn’t it?” he said to me. Oh yes: it definitely heightens the cina experience: the tea-like colour of the soup, the meat and fat on the pork in layers of brown and beige, the appetisingly familiar wafts of garlic and soy sauce when we converse…

My personal contribution was a messy but rather healthy ‘Chinese omelette with long beans and bell peppers of two varieties (red and green, not in time for Christmas).

At the end of dinner we cracked open some orange-flavoured fortune cookies. I would say mine was rather appropriate (pictured above). What a nice Monday evening it was to be sitting by a large balcony, digesting a very happy and un-halal meal among storytellers and the pleasures of laying languidly together like a bunch of kittens sleeping in the heat of the afternoon…

Below contains a grainy picture of a bowl of bak kut teh that Ong Swee Ling made, in a lovely wabi sabi bowl made by some local art school students, apparently:


2 responses to “fortune

  1. what an accurate fortune-telling kekeee… wish u all the best yeah…. and i didn know tat dinner is to celebrate the freedom, i thought its more for new year gathering 🙂

  2. are u back yettt ???

    I tink u will like this

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