Late night supper and new purchases

Oats, milk and honey in bed. The newer batches of organic rolled oats from Justlife are a tad disappointing because they contain a lot of husks (notice I have three of them perched on the edge of the bowl).

The bowl, a 1960s porcelain (or ceramic?) from Japan, was purchased at the flea market in Amcorp. The lovely floral motif is unfortunately printed instead of hand-painted, but it has an interesting tactile textures, like an engraving. The outer design features the same shapes printed in the very familiar “blue and white” aesthetic (青花). The two sides strangely go very well together. A little piece of the Orient on my table top. I think it would look lovely next to a jade plant. Memang I cinapek.

The prescription glasses resemble a 1940s Moscot Original, but were only RM180. According to Mr. Tan, owner of the two-decade old spex shop in Damansara Utama, the frames have been around for “more than ten years”. An acquaintance told me I resembled a perverted Chinaman wearing them. Charming!


3 responses to “Late night supper and new purchases

  1. its gorgeous! the flower motif and the colour tone somehow really go well together 🙂

  2. Hi Juujuu! Which shop were you talking about? It might be my regular shop (or maybe not)

    • The shop is called BS TAN OPTOMETRIST and is located at #57, Jalan SS22/11, Damansara Utama! A lot of old stock, rather interesting. It’s shopfront resembles an old clinic or dentist!

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