50mm f1.8 photographs of food

Some may have noticed that recently my photographs have been a lot clearer and fancier than the photographs taken with my camera phone. It is because I have purchased the cheapest lens in the series of lenses for my incredibly underused digital camera: the normal lens. This type of lens is most wonderful to use, as evident on the Nikon FM10, my favourite camera out of the few I have (I don’t collect cameras or lenses, nor do I consider myself as a ‘photography enthusiast’ and I have absolutely no desire to put any watermarks or digital designs on them). Unlike with the film-based Nikon before, it is much faster to publish the items, so it is rather exciting and instantaneous. Never as exciting as Polaroids of course.

As such, expect to see a lot of blurry backgrounds of people, food, etc etc. Here I have prepared an easy breakfast of bread (rye with blackcurrant jam, walnut bread and a pear my mother bought from the pasar malam below our home in Subang Jaya.


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