Mama’s birthday a few days ago

For mama’s birthday we went for Japanese food (Rakuzen Sunway Pyramid again, for special times, not always). To give presents or not doesn’t really matter because she isn’t that way inclined… she never wears the stuff I buy for her anyway. She is in her 50s — I’m not sure what age — there is only one candle on the free ice cream cake (I was sure it was a cut-up and rearranged version of the fish-shaped ‘ice cream/red bean cake’ that are available in certain frozen food sections). She had her saba fish, my father had some beef, and I had a selection of raw seafood. Low key and quiet times with the parents, only the three of us as usual. Since I don’t live with them, I should be seeing them more often.


4 responses to “Mama’s birthday a few days ago

  1. awwww… so sweet and lovely 🙂

  2. oh how lovely ! geggege

  3. ekek seaweeds can never forget our little dinner there when we were dating last time LOL…

  4. bapak lu masih hansem ye, lu punya muka cam mak LOLLL

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