Nico evening

Don’t call me home, little sister
Before the night is done
My love and I are fleeing
Running into the sun.

Take up all your jewels and gold,
Bury them away in the earth.
Let your memory reduce them to dust
But don’t forget the knife that was thrust.

Frozen kiss by the fountain
Running into the sea
Where shadows choose their horrors
Designed for music.

Turn to fly, go away,
Little bird, please don’t stay,
Fare thee well.

* * *

PS — It is the juxtaposition of words by the men in The Velvet Underground and Nico’s heartbreaking deep German voice that makes certain tracks like this one (Little Sister) such a pleasure to listen to during lonesome monsoon nights. Friends, please join me sometimes, listen to such works in the dark, as usual, when it is deathly quiet during the pauses, with the insects outside the only audible noises.

PPS — The above photograph features my ‘tai ka chieh’, not little one.


One response to “Nico evening

  1. Love this song for forever…. don’t think i’ve ever listened to nico with company… especially this piece, breaks my heart too.

    “Little bird, please don’t stay…”

    PS: I’m not very stable some days hor, ugh, thanks for sisterly shoulder…….. ❤

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