Granny taught me how to make soya milk from the raw beans. We spent an afternoon getting our fingers pruny by separating the skin off the beans…

It is so lovely to see the off-white tones of “soy foam”, produced during the boiling of ground soy beans and water. The fragrance, scented lightly with pandan leaves, was excellent; the taste of the drink was naturally sweet.

Someone should organise a “soy foam party” one day as it is clearly a healthier alternative to the ones we have now.


2 responses to “Soya

  1. i normally wont bother to separate the skin off, just grind everything together 😛 and yes i love the warm homemade soy drink, so healthy!

  2. My aunt was saying the skin was ‘toxic’ but i dunno la… it was a lengthy process to separate it…

    I would like to make my own one day! So yum / naturally sweet!

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