Brave and friendly Nepalese security guard

I decided to go up this one building near where I live and explore it again, this time with my mother. It could be said that it is my favourite ‘modern’ office building in Petaling Jaya.

The last time I was there it was after midnight on a weekday (adds to the astonishment), but my friend and I got reprimanded by a scary policeman who heard us on the 20th floor (there were no signs to say it was forbidden to take the lifts up; there were no policemen at the main desk anyway).

This evening I was lucky to have the gentle presence of a Nepalese security guard who probably broke the rules to act as a tour guide to a few levels of one particular block…the very high floors made my mother’s knees very weak.

He says he lived three hours away from Mount Everest in Nepal. He now shares a space with eight other people in a low cost apartment situated near this very interesting building, where he serves as a security personnel from 8am to 8pm. No choice lor — employers coop them up with one another in the cheapest places as if they are chickens to be slaughtered.

On the 16th floor he showed us this perforated steel platform that floats above a big vein of the highway. I tried walking on it (my mother didn’t dare look) but my feet started getting slippery with sweat… a rush of blood to my toes would be felt when I started imagining dropping things (my cellphone, my bag, then my slipper, etc). Just the thought of how the cellphone would feel crushing at the base of the fall… or how I would feel about it… (all the contacts!) was unnerving. I did not faint though.

This man however walked on it with a very relaxed gait. Seeing him suspended so high below the traffic was very exciting. It was evening, and indeed his day at the job was about to end. No fear of heights for him… he is a natural inhabitant of the mountains after all kan?


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