Story about Mr. Lee in London

Did we tell you that one day at our swimming pool 3 lanes were “reserved” for private use and when the private person came it was the father of the present Singapore dictator, the original devil, very frail, surrounded by body guards. After his “swim” he insisted he wanted to have a shower with everybody else (who couldn’t care less about him and didn’t know who he was) and that drove the guards crazy… in case some of the other naked men (University students only, produced a knife from inside his arse! Unfortunately there wasn’t a single Asian around, very unusual. It would have been great if some Singaporeans could have the thrill of bathing in the same water as the man who made them into pathetic imitations of Swiss Cukoo Clocks!

— From a friend who swims a lot near the Serpentine
with his husband


One response to “Story about Mr. Lee in London

  1. omg I love this !!! lolll

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