2010 friendships and other ships some disappeared and came back but some are no more, no romance tapi takpe, getting away more from smoke infested places into quietness of lalang moving in the wind somewhere in a field, somewhere as i walk to work, sitting there for ages waiting for actual work… the nature of newspaper publishing? yearning for nature and forgetting about politics because it’s the same dirty dhal-smearing on white shirt tendencies. feeling more and more safe from the detachment from the father, me and mama plan to form that sanctuary together in that tiny 2-roomed place we got… without testosterone bullying. hormones abound but lust for furniture is on par with the usual suspeks…… can’t share this place with the straight guys anymore thankfully yoga and sweating it out in bodypump raises the immunity? cathartic post not even poetry or prose. sisters backing me up, oprah-fists clenched with strong urges for reform-of-self: saying no to assholes and deleting dust from my life; saying yes to the ones around me because they are worth my time — better than to lay motionless in the room? to be continued.


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  1. love it. happy new year jun kit meow

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