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The author, maybe trespassing

Exploring a beautiful space that seems to be under refurbishment somewhere near Yee I-Lann’s future home (which by the way will be designed by Building Bloc).


PVC sofas and emotional armour

Padded leather/’leather’ (re: smelly PVC) sofas are a big favourite among Malaysian home owners, as seen in the above three living rooms sourced on

To achieve this sort of aesthetic, one can easily resort to any furniture store often situated by highways (Old Klang Road is best for quantity). Quite typically they come in sets of three — an armchair, a 2-seater and a 3-seater — a perfect way to satisfy the need for a “very matching and coordinated” look. Most of my aunts would agree.

For added comfort and style, little square pillows should be added as an accent. These come in handy when one needs support for lazy neck-bones during long midnight soap operas on TV3. They also make good emotional armour during awkward conversations with relatives/friends as the little square accents can be hugged in front, promoting a sense of security, much like a little shield. In this aspect, little pillows can also cover embarrassing or sensitive parts of the body when one is not feeling so extroverted.

PS: I have boxed off the phone numbers to the agents, in case you were wondering what the green bars are for.

Getting an ECG

As part of the ‘Mantin/Seremban’ series of posts, here is Yap Nue (granny’s name) behind the curtains getting her heart rate measured at the Mantin Government Clinic… The nurse scolded me for speaking to her during the session!

Alternative medicine

Granny consults a tabib cina in Seremban for traditional Chinese medicine. The place did not house any mysterious medical apparatuses  nor yellowing bell jars containing exotic specimens, though it could have been so 30 years ago, given that the space was very fitted for that sort of stylised aesthetic.

The tabib man feels her pulse with his fingers on her wrist for a long while.

As a person interested in examining spaces, I took a self-initiated tour through the colonial shoplot by politely asking for the restroom.

I passed a deep passageway with a few sunlit staircases and dim storage rooms packed tighly with dark glass bottles containing the liquid equivalent of things that were picked, stripped, dug out – or possibly killed in China. I went up an L-shaped staircase with cement stairs and tried to peep into the upper floor… the movement of a shy Indonesian maid stunned me for a moment. She disappeared with a mop, smiling. What was missing was the creaking sounds of my feet on antiquated wood.

* * *

I sat waiting at the entrance looking at one of the men prepare a cocktail for granny. He reminded me of Felix from the back… a meatier version with a balding crown. With so many similar bottles printed with such small characters, it was delightful to see him pick specific ones so easily, as if he knows the exact coordinate of each ingredient – bark, root, herb, seahorse – like the back of his hand. It was a therapeutic movement. That splash of blue was rather cute too.

Quite lived-in

The semi-messy corner of a reading room from the residence of Hijjas Kasturi. How quaint, living in a self-designed architectural compound surrounded by swampy forest, migratory birds and paintings of the birds by the ‘resident artist friends’, with happy pets (a dog, a few cats too) roaming like wild animals…

I too want to move into the jungle one day… steamy at dawn, crisp at dusk.