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Saiful, of sodomy fame

Ha, I know this guy. Used to go to school with him, he’s on my Facebook la wei!

— A 20-something, pointing at a picture of Saiful Bukhari on a front page daily today.

Ah, sodomy rise-to-fame! Poor Anwar and him, victims of homophobia. I know a few MPs who are not like that, but they have no say hor


Ms Pornthip Rojanasunand and Ah Chow


The ‘TV-celebrity-in-her-homeland’ forensic pathologist was all over the front pages of the Malaysian newspapers the other day. Mostly all except for Utusan Malaysia. She was photographed with a wonderfully gaudy top (did I remember sequins?) and her hair was styled not too differently from the plumage of a very bold ferocious rooster. What a brave woman!


In contrast, Ah Chow belongs to a very different category of aesthetics in terms of hair. Her naturally dark brown hair, sculpted into an upside-down bowl, was very similar to Mr Raf Simons’ boys on the Jil Sander Spring 2010 runway. Tree hugging some more by the side of the road. How mysterious!