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Note from Vaikuntha

I, Frada. Kelas gitu. Nanti nak beli Guci di KLCC ya. Sambil berjalan-jalan di kedai Burbarry. Mmg aku high maintainance. Nak cari jantan kaya. Datuk ke anak politik.


Rehashed image

The “locker-room look” steel cabinet shown here is supposedly out of production now. This one was installed for me by two of my Burmese ex-housemates, who were of lean-tone built. In that little frame, there is a drawing given to me by the always alarming/surprising Rahmat Haron, mat bunga dari selambak hapak. In exchange for the very detailed line drawing, I gave him a teabag of herbal infusions.

Late night supper and new purchases

Oats, milk and honey in bed. The newer batches of organic rolled oats from Justlife are a tad disappointing because they contain a lot of husks (notice I have three of them perched on the edge of the bowl).

The bowl, a 1960s porcelain (or ceramic?) from Japan, was purchased at the flea market in Amcorp. The lovely floral motif is unfortunately printed instead of hand-painted, but it has an interesting tactile textures, like an engraving. The outer design features the same shapes printed in the very familiar “blue and white” aesthetic (青花). The two sides strangely go very well together. A little piece of the Orient on my table top. I think it would look lovely next to a jade plant. Memang I cinapek.

The prescription glasses resemble a 1940s Moscot Original, but were only RM180. According to Mr. Tan, owner of the two-decade old spex shop in Damansara Utama, the frames have been around for “more than ten years”. An acquaintance told me I resembled a perverted Chinaman wearing them. Charming!

Sweet girl friend holds up two vintage dresses from Japan

She explained that they use different zipper systems (not YKK ones), and she’d want to wear them for dark sombre times, but not before they are altered to fit her very slim frame. I stepped into one of them, for the fun of it! Perfect! I luv u sweet girl friend.

Soothing items to end a tiring weekend: Yoghurt and Les Cahiers Purple

A tub of natural unsweetened yoghurt from France, eaten off a spoon constructed from “German wood” (so the label says — from Daiso Mutiara Damansara). Les Cahiers Purple, published once a year, is printed in Belgium.

Cahiers is the newest addition to the Purple family of magazine titles and has a format akin to the Purple Journal (which is obsolete) — with black and white pages of prose and pictures. Ms. Elein Fleiss, the editor, seems to get bored quite easily, opening and shutting Purple spin-offs after every few years. She is like a quieter, more contemplative lady version of Mr. Tyler Brûlé. Reasons why: they both enjoy traveling a lot to exotic cities; both publishes magazines with ‘global content’; both Purple and Monocle tend to be consistently attracted to Tokyo (like an ongoing lust). Perhaps Ms. Fleiss is wabi-sabi, while Mr. Brûlé is the bespoke, space-age precision to the likes of Naoto Fukasawa.

My favourite title was Purple Magazine (if only I knew about them in the early 2000s… I would have collected more than two issues of it… maybe Basheer didn’t carry them then). Until this day, it is still very satisfying to browse through the very old issues — they are like personal photo albums, given to me from a number of interesting strangers who live in beautiful lands.

BUT I have stopped buying Purple Fashion. Macam sama aje. Mr. Olivier Zahm and his work might be fun to look at but I’m not sure if I want to waste so much shelf space on crude digital camera shots of naked American MySpace girls styled wearing items most Malaysians cannot afford in their wildest dreams.

IKEA hack


The above shows off my little stint in product design (or rather, product redesign), consisting of three disassembled parts from three different IKEA lamps.

I do not recall the Swedish product names for the lamps, nor would I bother searching for them online, but two of the items I used are still very much bestsellers, ubiquitously appearing in middle class Malaysian households or limited budget television productions – sitcoms like Senario love to use such cheap items from the store. The middle portion is a lampshade of a product that is now not on sale. These lamps are probably between 3-5 years old! I have never really used the IKEA lamps as they appear, they are always hacked and broken into, a bit like how I would strip off labels from certain food packages, or how I would cover disappointing book covers with my own scribbles.

A surprisingly elegant outcome (both in terms of the standing lamp and the photograph that was captured on my handphone – notice the extremely inaccurate white balancing at the back, causing it to be cinematically lit up in blue). The curtains, in day light, would appear white.



A very relaxing Sunday afternoon spent in three hypermarkets. (I am reminded of the Björk song Hyperballad all of a sudden.) In the above photo, I am shown wearing very short pants in a striking orange tone and an XXL jersey top in pale turquoise that costs RM3.90 (purchased in Carrefour Bangsar South) that is aching to be cut up. Here I am at the Japanese snack section of Tescos Ampang. Pokki and Rocky are both under Glico, as my friend pointed out, though I always have thought Rocky was the pirated version. Rocky sounds more butch to me. I’m learning to be more butch – a life skill that proves to be a needed advantage.


Firstly, the aisle just in front of the entrance — CDs. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (wanita Melayu sopan) is sandwiched between a not-so sopan Ibiza trance-worthy stock photo (actually just a pop karaoke mix) and a very fierce image of a local girl who looks a tad like the fag-hag comedian Joanne Kam Poh Poh in a more teenage-angst inspired makeup.


“PLU Party” — according to my friend Linolumixa when we noticed this “Value Pack 2 VCD”. Though it seems it would be more suitable for emotional sleep-overs for sisters in pain, rather than a sweaty shirtless dance affair among clubbing queens, partly because it contains Kylie’s sentimental love songs (they should then choose a more subdued representation of her for this cover: perhaps in a beige lace-hemmed dress, to suggest tender soft hearted romance — certainly not red leather military helmets. Although I admit, I don’t know her sentimental love songs, and I don’t see her looking romantic in her videos either, so I wouldn’t know if there are any romantic looking pictures of her in existence. I could not picture her in a gown doused in moonlight, for example. That sort of imagery is easy for individuals like Celine Dion though.


The very energetic Anita Sarawak, highly different yet fabulously similar to the late Anita Mui. This image is a very old image. She could look like a melayu Amanda Lepore, albeit less plasticy. Those lips still look the same until this day.