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SMSes from a friend whose mother hates me.

Buat apa? I nak mandi and chant, kena cepat as today late night. Hot cousin coming to change here, I’ll observe, adapt, be cool, gege. Jumpa relatives nanti, kena socialize! For one day, so much to do. Kita,

In car. Di sebelah sepupu. Tak horny tapi rasa sad bit, sebab I could never be hot and normal-y. It’s something I can’t change much and I console myself that in time he’ll be old and ugly. Tapi until then, ugh, tempting. I must be strong. Krishna! :-/

Tired after semalam. Now in UM, baca. The usual? Tak horny. I suka lihat normal, hot people, see what I can do to appear normal. I am happy. Take a diff view of life. I could lust, be jealous of hot cousin tapi apa guna? So much to do! Musn’t let bell jar tutup me. Hehe. Eh, my Fr cousin, boobs lebih besar dari M. Lagi fab, tahu Fr, MA Prychology. Rasa proud. You? RURAL MANTIN COUSINS. Oh, horoskop sis I kata mum die in 2013…