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My friend and I joined a gym.

Aerobics fun. With ladies tp dance, suka, mcm in temple to to false gods

— Mr. K aka Vaikuntha



I am turning 27 in a few minutes, maybe now. If I close my eyes I could see a figure of me running away from all the previous years, a lonesome wild run in the dark, because age is catching up, as if it’s an evil nightmare that targets 26 year olds who look like 20 year olds. Subconsciously it could be a Chungking Express reference… Officer no. 223 was running a lot in the movie, at the beginning and at the end of his segment… Wouldn’t it be funny if someone gave me canned pineapples? Perfect.

The first photograph of me as a 27 year old, taken with Photobooth in my room, bending the laptop screen as far to the back as possible, almost taking the risk that it would not just break in two. The soundtrack to this is of course “Night Snack by Frankie Chan & Roel A. Garcia” from the Chungking Express soundtrack. My Night Snack tonight shall be milk and digestives something from the Kota Damansara hawker stalls, thanks Vernon!

Can replenish for me or not?

Very delicious spread that made my lady coworkers squirm with delight. Unfortunately not available in Malaysia. Anyone out there can send me 5 jars or not?

Other Girls

eh why no my pic on your msn hur? you want to flirt-flirt wid udder girlz online izzit? hurrr?


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Ocean, swallow me now

Singing Antony with a friend in my room. He’s drifting off to sleep… I can hear his breathing, which turns into light snoring, in less than 2 minutes. In the morning he sniffs loudly, as with me. Dusty interiors!

In the garden with my mother I stole a flower
With my mother in her power I chose a flower